Founded in 2006 with $300, the garage of a house was the witness of the first steps and the beginnings of a dream that with dedication, compromise, quality, service and the trust of our clients have taken us to where we are today.


Everything began with a dream, a dream that was fulfilled since the first job was delivered, because our dream was different. Our dream was to serve in a special way, to deliver more that people expect, to be the best partner to every client on their quest to success. That dream as our purpose and 20 years of experience in Advertising back in 2005 was the perfect combination to bring to life 305 Advertising Co. The key to our growth is that every day we work on fulfilling that dream; that we just happen to provide printing and marketing services, that is a plus.



How we see ourselves today? 

More than a printing and marketing business, we see ourselves as a place where customers go to solve their issues and find solutions to their needs. A business focused on delivering greater help to clients and where the service found would make a difficult task for clients not to return or reorder. We see ourselves as a family dedicated to be partners with every Client in developing their businesses; as an excellent place and environment to work on and do business with.


How we see ourselves in the future?

The future will unravel itself; we just want to know how we can help you today, and if you are ready to be amazed, then we are ready to be part of your team.