Why Print Advertising Still Works in 2020 & Beyond

It’s no lie that we live in a digital world. We handle just about everything from our smartphones, tablets, and computers. And in this day and age, it might seem like print advertising is dead. But nothing could be further from the truth. Print advertising is very much alive and converting. In this article, we’re going to discuss exactly why print advertising still works in 2020 and beyond.

“Brands have a lot to say and positions to articulate. These times seem to require communications that are not limited to 145 characters or a 15-second information flash or a single, albeit impactful, visual. People want to know what their brands stand for.”

Larry Light, CEO of Arcature & Forbes Contributor

Ask any marketer today and they will tell you one thing is true: content is king. And print media advertising is, after all, content! Here are 5 reasons why print advertising still works and might be the ideal solution for your business needs:

It’s Different

Print advertising could be considered by some as an antique technique used by dinosaurs. And even though that isn’t true, it’s a fact that the digital alternatives have taken over the mainstream communication channels. But this makes print advertising different and unique. It creates a formal, physical experience your users can connect to.

It’s An Experience

Let’s face it. We’re sensorial creatures, and having an actual tactile, visual, and even olfactory experience with a print advertisement makes it stand out in our minds. Picture your sell sheet, with enthralling copy, amazing imagery, and popping colors, in your customer’s hands. They’re bound to remember you.

It Creates a Connection

To stand out from the chaotic bombing of digital advertising, effective print advertisements have to be focused on compelling storytelling. They’re a mixture of skill and art, all tied into a bow with your brand’s purpose and story. They create a link with your potential customer. And they can even go as far as to be considered art, just like Andy Warhol’s tomato soup cans. You have the opportunity to create something great that will remain physically in your customer’s hands. If you make the most of it, you are bound to make a connection.

Digital Ads Make People Blind

Ever heard of ad blindness? If not, then allow us to explain: the average American is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 pieces of advertising per day. A few advertisements are subliminal, a few direct, others are just for brand awareness or remarketing. But this bombardment of advertisements has created a phenomenon known as “banner blindness” or “ad blindness”, where people don’t see your advertisement. They automatically ignore it because they are exposed to this type of extreme visual assault 24/7. And one more thing: users can get extremely frustrated when an advertisement interrupts their browsing time.

On the other hand, print advertisements provide a perfect opportunity for your users to choose to interact with your business, actively deciding to hold your brand in their hands and read your message. Print 1, Digital 0.

You Can Have The Best Of Both Worlds!

Who says you need to choose only one? You can mix and match the physical and digital worlds by adding marketing strategies that match with your customers’ digital tendencies through a print ad. For example, you can add QR codes to a sell sheet or poster that prompt people to visit your website. You can add exclusive coupon codes or event invites to your flyers. You can print amazing custom stickers that your users can put wherever they want. And you can even provide incredible custom printed frames that give your users the chance to interact with your brand and share this connection on social media!

Print advertising is not dead. It just switched its approach to keep up with the times, making itself even more approachable and unique. If you are interested in print media advertising solutions for your business, we have everything you need right here: from banner printing and car door magnets to incredible personalized solutions. Feel free to contact us if you need more information or have a special request.